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I'm an organizational consultant and executive coach, specialized in working with individuals and teams, to develop leadership capacity and manage organizational change.

I use my background as both a clinical psychologist and organizational consultant to find the route that connects my clients’ personal goals with the organizational context and objectives.

I encourage my clients to develop awareness of their blind spots and patterns, to find the courage to be vulnerable and to lead from the hearts.

I'm dedicated to building professional relationships that reinforce and maintain trust, confidentiality, honesty and support. 

In working together, clients develop internal organizational systems that reinforce and sustain positive results.


Relocating to America required me to become sensitive to cultural differences and new societal cues. This new  understanding has sharpened my attention to situations where reality is interpreted  through a cultural lens, and to misinterpretations and interpersonal complexities that are created as a result.

Being a foreigner is something that has developed and reshaped my “hybrid” identity, and it’s still developing as I “grow up”.


This process is not very different in organizations. Entering  a new organization, changing roles, changing status and especially stepping up on the ladder of leadership require people to stop acting on their old habits, to sharpen their cultural lens and to adjust to new sets of norms, rules and expectations, which are often subtle and unspoken. This is such an important predictor for success and no one teaches it while on-boarding. To add another layer- leaders in organizations are perceived through the magnifying lens of their followers, and should consequently develop awareness of the impact of this lens. 


My own experiences as a foreigner tuned my sensitivity to complex interpersonal dynamics that originate in differences of expectations, values and subtle rules. 

My major strength is to untangle complex dynamics and to translate them into simple, understandable concepts that lead to the development of new perspectives, different responses and new actions. 


1 on 1 Coaching:

I've partnered with a variety of industries including start-ups, legal, finance, media, governmental agencies, educational institutes, ad agencies, luxury and non-profit organizations.

Groups and Teams: 

I've facilitated peer learning groups for leaders from high growth technology companies, for internal leaders in global organizations, and for leaders in nationwide non profits.



  • M.S. in Organizational Change Management from The New School, NY.

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.

  • B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Tel-Aviv University.

  • Executive Coaching Certificate from iCoach New York, City University of NY, Zicklin School of Business.

  • Dynamics of Consulting Program Certificate, sponsored by Cfar. 

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